Award winning Art Director with 18+ years of expertise creating campaigns and brand identity from concept to completion in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Trade Show, Casino Gaming, Fitness, Beauty, and Healthcare.

My work is unique, creative, and innovative. As a designer, I find inspiration in everyday life, music, and fine art. My designs are a true expression of my passion for visual creativity. My unique approach to design will help your brand think outside the box!

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"Pamela has a creative, positive spirit. Although her skills in web and print design are tremendous, I am thoroughly impressed with how quickly she can wip a logo together. Logos have always been a struggle for me, but Pamela has the midis touch in this department. Pamela’s logos are clean and high impact. Pamela and I are a two person team in a difficult industry and she always handles herself in a can-do professional manner."

− Shannon Guziel Pucci - Director of Marketing at DAUM

"Pam is a passionate and talented designer. She brings a rare mix of both design sensibility and business skills to the table. Pam's greatest strength is her unique ability to create compelling designs while adhering to deadlines and staying on budget. Pam is constantly pushing herself to learn new techniques and technology. She is a dedicated employee and a great asset to any team."

− Dan Frazier - Experience Designer at Team One